Hey Kid, There’s a Flamingo on Your Knee!

When we visit National Aviary, we never know what birds or other animals we’ll encounter. It’s fun to walk around, point out birds that are our favorites, and look for ones we’ve never seen before.

On our last visit, we had the experience of a lifetime- Zookeeper for a Day. The Kid and I learned exactly what it takes to take care of hundreds of avian creatures (and a sloth named Wookie), what goes into their diets, and even had a behind the scenes moment with the flamingos in the Wetlands Exhibit. This one particular flamingo, Beaker,  was very friendly, and although we weren’t able to reach out and pet it, its curiosity got the best of it and couldn’t help but check out The Kid. Beaker bumped into us with its beak (that’s how flamingos learn about new things in the environment), and splashed water all over the place- including The Kid-when being fed.

I love this photo for the true smiles we have and the memory of our visit.

Happy travels!

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