Finding Out What Matters Most with a Life Coach (Hint: It’s Okay to Say No!)

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Even though I tend to put my life right out there on the web, I tend to be more internal when it comes to talking about life issues in person. After all, writing about travel and family, love and life for me is a form of therapy in a way.

Over the past six months or so I’ve talked with Mr. Locke about reorganization and what’s important in my life. I have talked about wanting more family time- needing more family time which, in this day and age tends to be impossible unless we’re scheduling down time around holidays. I mean, The Kid is a teenager now and she has school and church activities. Mr. Locke is heavy into renovating the house, and I am immersed in my writing for most of the day. His thought? Cut back on the amount of time I’m sitting at the computer.

Easier said than done, right?

This week, I was given an opportunity to spend some one-on-one time via online chat with a Life Coach at Life Reimagined®.  Taking time out of my busy schedule was not only worthwhile but so rewarding. I learned so much about what really matters to me and what I can do to simplify my family life and work, and the time spent with a certified Life Coach totally cleared up any hesitations I had and I knew exactly what I need to do to reach those goals and what’s coming next.

Ready to read about my eye-opening experience with Life Reimagined®?

Mapping it Out

The first step in the LifeMapping process with Life Reimagined® was to head on over to its official website and create a LifeMap. It begins with a card sorting process that showed my strengths, what I’d like to work on, and what means most to me in my life. The process was really fun (more fun than I thought it would be!) and prioritizing these aspects helped me to put into perspective my goals- both short and long term.

Once the card sorting process was finished, I had great tools to improve my well-being: a customized Canvas and Purpose Statement.

My next step? Schedule a one hour, online, one-on-one session with a Life Coach to help me set my goals. I wasn’t really sure exactly what a Life Coach was, but I knew I had to give it a shot. It turns out Life Coaches are not there to demand or accuse, but instead they guide you and work with you to understand your goals and how to achieve them.

I was able to choose from several Life Coaches that specialize in specific goals. The Life Coach I chose has a forte in career and transition coaching (perfect for my current situation as I spend a ton of hours every week writing, promoting articles, traveling, and just making my online presence more visible!), so I found a time that worked for me and scheduled it. The site is highly user friendly, so never one time did I feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to use it.

I Can Do it!

A reminder was sent to me about an hour before my scheduled session (so thankful for that- I nearly forgot!), and five minutes beforehand I logged on. At exactly the time I’d scheduled, my Life Coach was ready and waiting for me.Full disclosure: Before my session, I thought that one hour of Life Coaching would drag. It turns out the time flew by! My Life Coach did not instruct, but instead asked all of the right questions to help me reach my goals.I knew the answers all along, but having a non-partial second opinion was exactly what I needed to reaffirm my decisions. There was never any negativity during the session at all and she allowed me to talk out my issues and wants without judging.

If anything, she reaffirmed my value as both a writer, a mom, and a wife and made me feel so enlightened- a way I haven’t felt in so long. She helped me to set both short and long term goals and here’s the rub: I would happily have additional sessions with my Life Coach to keep myself on track! She listened to me, reiterated valid points that I brought up, and help me set doable goals.

What did I take away from my online session?

  • It’s okay to block out times in the day for family- and myself. We created a daily window that I’m comfortable with to take time for family and get away from my computer.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help with daily family life and home. I’m so used to doing everything myself (cooking, cleaning, chores), and asking for help will benefit me and my family.
  • It’s okay to say no. I’m a “yes!” type of gal and have a hard time saying no to anyone. My Life Coach let me know it’s perfectly acceptable to say I can’t.

Is Life Coaching Worth it?


In a nutshell, yes! Any hesitation I had before my Life Coaching was immediately quelled, my goals were clearly defined, and I knew exactly the right steps to take to achieve my goals and well-being. Immediately after I logged off from my coaching session I walked straight up to Mr. Locke and announced, “That was exactly what I needed!”I even told him that he would benefit from a Life Coach session. Heck, anyone would.  I went to bed knowing my next steps in achieving my goals and really felt lighter and happier in general.

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  2. Thanks for helping me with this huge life decision. I have been struggling a lot lately and need to get my life back on track. I love the idea of someone helping me to help set goals, outline the right steps, and being able to have confidence in my path. It really does sound like getting a life coach would be a great choice.

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