Making Christmas

If you’re a Tim Burton/Danny Elfman fan, I bet you saw the title of this photo and thought I’d be chatting about the song from The Kid’s favorite movie of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Ok, I seriously could chat about it and the movie for hours, days even, but this one’s all about time well spent with a teenage daughter.

Last week I was sitting at my computer and the urge to bake came upon me. It had to be compliments of checking out all of the beautiful Christmas cookie pins on Pinterest and the perfect cutouts that each one beautifully displayed. I whipped up some sugar cookie dough and asked The Kid to help me cut out the cookies. At 14, she loves to help in the kitchen and always asks if there’s anything she can do (I know, I’ve got a good one). I remarked to her that they would either look so beautiful we’d shed a tear or they’d be a huge Pinterest fail.

After we cut them out and baked them, I was happily surprised how well they turned out. I even looked up the recipe for royal icing and made both styles. You see, you need a thicker icing to pipe around the edges and a thinner icing to flood the cookie.

Fast forward to two hours later and, with a table dotted with royal icing and covered in sprinkles, we had accomplished our goal. But, you see, I had another goal in mind.

I had two full hours with my teenage daughter. She didn’t have a cell phone in her hand, earbuds in her ears, nor was she checking out YouTube videos on her tablet. I had two hours of smiles and laughs, of giggles and happy Christmas memories. It almost felt like it was the 1980’s. Two hours of pure happiness.

I’ll take it. When I’m old and grey, I probably won’t remember what I got for Christmas this year or what The Kid and Mr. Locke received, but I know I’ll remember making Christmas with her.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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  1. josh

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