Decorate with Disney this Holiday: Mickey Mouse Paper Snowflake Craft

Mickey Ears Disney snowflake craft
 This Mickey Mouse Paper Snowflakes tutorial was found on Disney Parks Blog. I love sharing fun, easy crafts so it was a no-brainer to share this one. 


Remember when you were a kid and you’d fold a circle of tissue paper a few times, cut some designs that made no sense, and then ended up with a snowflake to take home? Disney Parks Blog is bringing back the paper snowflake- Mickey Mouse style! With a few folds, some strategic cuts, and patience, you can have a house full of Mickey Mouse Paper Snowflakes in no time.

Mickey Ears Disney snowflake craft tutorial

First Stop: head here to print out the Disney cutting guide and detailed directions. What’s even cooler than years ago is that you can print off as many templates as you like and use computer paper.

How To

Step 1: Print out the template here.  You’ll need one for each snowflake. The template itself has very faint lines on it so don’t panic if they’re barely visible.

Step 2: Cut out circle and fold as directed. Make sure not to fold the cutting guidelines inward so you can’t see them.

Step 3: Take Your time cutting. There’s some intricate parts, so if you’re good with a utility knife, by all means use it. I did not. Scissors only for this gal.

Step 4: Unfold very carefully. The inside is very dainty. I smoothed the creases with my fingers.


Step 5: Admire your work of art. Smile with glee. Repeat steps 1-4. Who, like me, wants to put these on everything that will stand still?

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