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It’s time to be honest with myself. I don’t have all of the answers when it comes to all of my e-devices including my iPhone, iPad, and laptops. I’m lucky that I have a husband that’s tech savvy and am able to ask him questions about them. Actually, I seem to have very few answers other than the ability to turn them on and charge them. That’s what’s great about e-devices and laptops- most times they do the “thinking” for me. 
However, there are times when I need tech support because I cannot figure out an issue and he’s at work. Or out in the woods disc golfing. Or he ran to the store. And, isn’t it always the case, that’s when I need an answer- and I need the answer five minutes ago.
That’s where Asurion Premier Support comes in really handy- especially around the holidays when everyone’s getting new tech. I don’t know about you, but for this gal new tech is both exciting and scary at the same time. I love the idea of owning the latest e-devices but, if I’m going to be honest again, the thought of setting it up or linking to other e-devices confuses me at times and even makes me nervous that I’ll mess something up. 
So, this holiday season, with the joy of owning the latest and greatest (Honey, are you reading this? There’s a brand new iPad on the market. Wink, wink.) comes a responsibility to protect all of our snazzy new investments and expensive gifts. And guess who can help us in a reliable way? Asurion. 
Premier Support has a knowledgeable team standing by ready to answer your all of your (and my!) tech-related questions. And that’s huge weight off my back!

What’s Asurion Premier Support?

In a nutshell, Asurion Premier Support has partnered with the leading wireless carriers in the country, making the company the leading carrier of connected life services including protection on all of your e-devices from cell phones to tablets to laptops to gaming consoles- and even speakers. With that protection comes free Premier Support that definitely will get you up to speed with your new e-toys in a snap. 
They have the knowledge and ease of assistance to solve everyday support problems with expert technical support and advice as well. Say your smartphone went haywire and just isn’t working like it should or your wireless printer won’t talk to your laptop all of a sudden, Asurion will happily help you solve the issue. 

Putting Premier Support to the Test

There’s been a question related to my iPhone that I keep forgetting to ask Mr. Locke, so I decided to put Asurion Premier Support to the test to see what they had to say about it and how they could help. 
My question: How do I set up printing from my iPhone directly to my printer? And as fast as I could think of the question, I was connected with an Asurion Tech Advisor. Not only did he walk me, baby step by baby step, through the process of downloading the proper and compatible app to use, but he patiently waited while I downloaded the app, installed the app, and set up the details and verification.
While we waited, he asked if I had any other questions I’d like answered and was in absolutely no hurry to hang up. 
It turned out that my printer is not compatible with my iPhone (looks like I need a new printer) and, after letting me know that the Asurion support team will be available to answer my questions, even on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and are more than happy to help me with any issues, no matter how big or small. 

What You Need to Know

  • Asurion Premier Support helps with any and all tech related questions. 
  • Premier Support is available through several wireless carriers:
  • For Verizon customers, the product is called Total Mobile Protection
    For AT&T customers, the product is called Pro Tech Support
    For Sprint customers, the product is called Total Equipment Protection
  • Check with your mobile carrier about details and pricing. 
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