14 Years of Love and Laughter

This weekend, my family had the absolute pleasure of celebrating The Kid’s 14th birthday in Pittsburgh. The past two years, Light-Up Night has fallen on her birthday weekend, so we’ve celebrated with good food, great fun, and fireworks. 

She picked up a glow stick in Market Square and she and Mr, Locke were playing with the camera and her new prop while I was recording a segment for YaJagoff’s podcast in The Arcade building when this pic got snapped.

See, that’s what’s so fun about having a family that loves to travel and knows there will be downtime for them while I’m chatting with folks. I love popping our camera’s SD card into the computer to see what they may have caught on our travels that I missed. 

And this one is a beauty. 

Oh, and the photo is pretty great, too. 

Happy birthday, Kid!

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