Just around the corner at Cinderella Castle

side view of cinderella castle

side view of cinderella castle

In all of the photos of Cinderella Castle that you have ever looked at, how often have you ever actually seen any of them from any other angle than straight on, coming up Main Street, USA? That is not to say that that is a bad thing. I am fairly confident that if anything could be a perfect, 100% guaranteed certainty, it is that being at Walt Disney World and coming up Main Street, USA to see Cinderella Castle is never a bad thing.

While we were wandering about the Magic Kingdom, the wife stopped to take a photo with her phone at this exact spot.  What an eye! Of course, upon seeing what she was getting a snap of, I could not help but to purloin her perspective, so to speak, and snatch a snap or two of my own.

This is taken from the rear left corner, toward the very end on the narrow sidewalk that goes around the castle on the left side. It is still a beautiful building no matter how you look at it. The front that is seen in most photos is not just a facade. Not just some false-front selling fake magic. This thing is the real deal, magical through and through.

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