In the Wild Florida Sloth Pen with Guy and Ana

guy and anna sloths wild florida
guy and anna sloths wild florida

Remember when you were young and you fixated on a specific animal? I remember when The Kid was little and she would talk only about cows or ducks and how she just had to have one. She’d draw pictures of them and talk about them like they were her whole world.

Of course, the television programs that she watched were a big factor. She would sit in front of the tele and watch Zaboomafoo so she really wanted a Lemur. Then, when she was in her Dora the Explorer phase, she wanted a monkey. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved sloths. Their sweet faces combined with their docile personality is right up my alley. I’ve got sloth t-shirts, sloth necklaces, and sloth knee socks and an iPhone case.  I hunt for cute photos of sloths on Pinterest and am always asking zookeepers if they have a sloth when we visit. 

So, when the amazing folks at Wild Florida Airboats found out I loved them they gave me the ultimate present: a few minutes in their sloth pen with Guy and Ana- the in-house sloths straight from Guyana. 

This photo is of me and Ana. I was able to feed both her and Guy, her sloth mate, and just watch them hang out and eat. Their sweet noses and faces were covered in corn kernels and I adored every moment in that pen. It was really hard to hold back the happy tears and I know there are a few with my eyes welled up, but when I think of one of the top traveling moments in my career, it’s this. 

I’m pleased to announce that Guy and Ana have started a family this summer and baby is a doll. Yet to be named, I’m sure the fun staff at Wild Florida will give it the perfect one. I can’t wait to see photos of it growing up and really can’t wait to get back to Wild Florida to see it in person. 

Happy Travels!

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