Footprints in the Sand at Walt Disney World: We’re Going Home!

Unless this photo was fully explained, these footprints could be from any beach around the globe. 

Sure, you could narrow it down by color and consistency and come up with an approximate location- maybe. But, these footprints, although perfect in my eyes, don’t show the happiness and love for the spot they were made in. That spot is my family’s favorite place. 

These footprints are the footprints of my family’s “home” beach- the beach at Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World. The Kid and I spent some down time waiting for a reservation at ‘Ohana on the beach a couple of years ago and we had a perfect few minutes playing in the water and hanging out at water’s edge. 

This week we’re going “home” again, and I couldn’t be happier. Actually, it seems with each vacation to Walt Disney World we take, the more excited we are to return. Chalk that up to magic and pixie dust. 

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Happy Travels!

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