Finding a Knight in Shining Armor

 The phrase “knight in shining armor” was technically a man of noble birth skilled in the sword or jousting. The armor, meant to protect the wearer, was a symbol of bravery and protection to the women in the times that wearing a suit of armor was fashionable. Through the time of armor suits, they became much more ornate and flamboyant and as the metal smiths became more skilled in their trade, the suits became thinner and highly decorated. Even with all of that protection accidents still occurred. A knight could be blinded by a giant sliver of wood from a lance making its way into his helmet or a sword could strike an area that was unprotected. The knight in the photo above is one of the main pieces in the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Hall of Armor. 

These days, when a woman says they’ve found their knight in shining armor it means they’ve found their perfect mate and protector. Stripped of all of the metal, a man can still be a protector and still be brave. 

Every day I get to look my knight in shining armor in the eyes, smile at him over coffee each morning, and talk about my day with him at dinner. I get to see The Kid laugh with him over silly Youtube videos or giggle over silly t.v. shows. 

I’m one of the lucky ones. 

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