By the Ghost of a Memory at Haunted Mansion

Haunted mansion at night
Haunted mansion at night

This! This is The Haunted Mansion. The Disney Haunted Mansion, the one in Florida, not California for you purists. It is beautiful. It is full of spooks and creepies, ghouls and ghosts. 

It is extra super duper haunted, even more than usual in this picture, as it was specially lit and surrounded by fog for the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

You could reasonably proffer that a ghost is simply something that has no intention of being forgotten. In that way, a ghost is just like a memory. Keeping with the ghost is a memory metaphor, my mind is clearly haunted by The Haunted Mansion.

My family visited Walt Disney World twice when I was quite young, around 5 or 6 years old. There are a few things that I remember vividly, that I remember fondly, my mind’s ghosts, appropriately. I remember the first time that I rode Space Mountain, I remember well, a red, white, and blue trucker-style hat with a Mickey Mouse patch and a bit of cord between the bill and hat. Mostly though, I am haunted by my first ride on The Haunted Mansion, in a good way.  

Close to 30 years later, My family (albeit me as a father now, instead of a son) visited Walt Disney World. Getting in The Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy was just like stepping into a time machine. It was just as thrilling. Though there have been some updates, for the most part it was just as I remembered.  I loved it as a boy, and I love it as a man.  To this day I can not ride The Haunted Mansion enough times.

What are some of your favorite ghosts, erm, memories, of Walt Disney World?

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