Big Brother is Hopping? Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

oswald the lucky rabbit
oswald the lucky rabbit plush

Do you know Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? Oswald is by all rights, Mickey Mouse’s older brother, appearing a full year before Mickey officially debuted as Steamboat Willie.

The Kid absolutely adores Oswald.  When we recently visited Walt Disney World in Florida (again), she took her plushy Oswald (and Mickey and Jack and Sally and a smaller Oswald and a smaller Mickey and a Minnie Mouse and my own stuffed Mickey Mouse from the late 70s) with her.  She felt compelled to show Oswald the statue of his creator and his brother, Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, that stands right in front of Cinderella’s castle.  It seemed only right.

I think that Oswald was ecstatic to go to Walt Disney World.  I know that we all were, especially the kid. 

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