Tag Team Photography at The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio

the wilds sunrise photography
the wilds sunrise photography
Traveling as a family is one of my proudest accomplishments. Why? Because, even with a 13-year old daughter, we all not only love each other, she still likes us. There are times, however, when The Kid simply can’t go on trips with Mr. Locke and me.  

Last weekend was one of those times. We spent the weekend in Nomad Ridge at The Wilds– Central Ohio’s answer to safari expeditions. We stayed in a yurt, enjoyed fabulous meals at the Overlook Cafe, and woke up super early on Sunday morning to watch the sun rise. 

We can never refuse an excuse to take photos of beautiful sunrises and Sunday’s didn’t disappoint. With low-lying fog settling in the valleys surrounding Nomad Ridge, we ran up the man-made steps from our yurt with excitement. 

And, with cameras in our hands, we divided and conquered to get “the shot”.  I took photos of the exotic animals and the zip line course, each surrounded by the vivid morning colors that our sun provides us each day. 

But, of all of the photos we took, this one is my favorite. 

This one reminds me of how well Mr. Locke and I work together. It reminds me of how, even though he’d only have a few hours of sleep the night before, he raced up those steps to take photos with me. 

And it reminds me of how much I adore this man. 

A great Kid and a great husband.  

And great sunrise memories at The Wilds.

Happy Travels!

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