Industriousness vs. the Super Model

When you realize you have not only a husband with a great eye for photography, but one with eloquent writing skills, there’s only one thing you can do: ask him to start writing on your blog! Mr. Locke will be sharing his fave photos and telling a little bit about why they’re so close to his heart weekly- and I couldn’t be more proud. 

Just imagine the amount of work that I could get done with 16 arms.  That was my first thought, oddly.  It is a very industrious thought, in and of itself.  It is a very American thought, to be sure.  Why would my initial thought not have been more along the lines of “just think of all of the things that I could create if I had 16 arms?  Imagine the amazing meals that I could prepare!  How many photographic perspectives could I capture, how many moments could I record at one time?  How much beauty could I bring about?”  Interesting how my mind automatically turned to work instead.  I’m going to have to see what I can do about changing that mindset.  There is plenty of beauty to be found within the realm of respectable and hard work, don’t get me wrong. However, I am a much bigger fan of the funner things in life.  I am far more interested in life beyond the grind, before the grave.

This sculpture at the Cleveland Museum of Art represents Hevajra, an enlightened being. I am positive that this was sculpted for a reason and that it holds great importance to various people for various reasons. But for me, I think that the sculpture is simply spectacular and a joy to behold for its artistic precision and honest loveliness.  As a guy with camera trying to get a shot, I couldn’t have asked for a better model.  Look at the clearly experienced pose, the magnificent posture, the coy smile… erm, smiles.  

Show me someone who does it better.  

This smiling enlightened one makes me happy.

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