By Land, Water and Air: Summer in Indianapolis and Vicinity

I’ve been very lucky this past year.

My passion for travel has taken me to the Indianapolis area three times since last summer, each trip a completely new experience. 

If you’ve visited Indianapolis, Indiana, you know just how much the city has to offer its visitors and residents. Sports fans immediately think of the Colts or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and families adore the Indy Zoo and White River State Park. If you’ve ventured away from the city proper, you may have headed north to Hamilton County, Indiana- a city filled with art and culture. 

Whether it’s by land, water, or air (or all three!), Indianapolis and vicinity have something for everyone’s travel taste. Here’s my favorite ways to enjoy Indianapolis in summer.

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Love car racing? How about FAST car races? 

You can absolutely sit in the stands and watch the phenomenal drivers zoom past at up to speeds of 180 MPH or you can get on the track and experience the rush and speed yourself! 

Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers on-track experiences including the Indy Racing Experience where you’ll get strapped into a two-seat ride in a Dallara. I took a full lap around the track and even sitting behind the driver the minutes’ long ride was exhilarating. The car is exactly the same as a Verizon IndyCar Series car except for the dual passenger allowance. If you’ve never slapped on a helmet and whizzed around a track at top speeds, even if you’re not an super fan, the experience is well worth the cost and the memory will be life long.  


I may not have technically “swam” with the dolphins at Indianapolis Zoo, but their Dolphin In-Water Adventure is as close as you can get without paddling! 

After a 30-minute classroom experience, I got all gussied up in a wet suit and life vest to join the trainers and dolphins in their tank. Along with the other participants, I learned the hand signals used in training, fed them, and the best part- received a dolphin-sized kiss! 

The program is perfect for older children and adults and there are height and age restrictions. For more information, please visit the official site. 


In the city of Fishers, Indiana  Conner Prairie offers a tethered, helium balloon ride. Having never stepped foot in a hot air balloon or helium balloon before, I was thrilled to soar 350 feet above the ground in the 1859 Balloon Voyage. I learned about the history of air travel and how taxing mail delivery by air balloon can be. 

The balloon ride is weather and wind dependent, so if you’re planning a visit to Conner Prairie for the sole purpose of riding, make sure to check the weather conditions and website for the latest flying information. 

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