SandSational Sand Sculpture at EQT Three Rivers Regatta in Pittsburgh #YouGottaRegatta

Heading to the beach and making a sand castle is so much fun for my family. I remember visiting Puerto Vallarta at Easter one year and falling in love with the giant sand sculptures that flanked the Malecon and have been fascinated by the skill and craftsmanship ever since.

Every year for the Three Rivers Regatta in Pittsburgh, SandSational Sand Sculpting creates a huge homage to the Pittsburgh area at Point State Park. This year’s theme, the Pittsburgh steel worker, was so beautifully carved and displayed that I had to share my photo with you.

I know I’ve said, written, and thought this a thousand times, but sand seems to defy gravity! I remember trying to make a sand castle over a foot tall and the sand refused to cooperate, so this my friends, takes a grand amount of skill and day after day of work.

Here’s a fun video I found on YouTube with the SandSational company and their work. The video has a Christmas theme (Christmas in July, anyone?) and their meticulous attention to detail.

Kudos to the folks that can build sandcastles on the ground and in the air. I can’t wait to see next year’s art!

Happy Travels!

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