What’s New at National Aviary: Condor Court

Any chance to visit the National Aviary is another chance to check out all of the sweet feathered flyers- and Wookie the Sloth. This week I was asked to visit the Aviary for an awesome, new reason: Condor Court. The brand-spanking new outdoor habitat is home to two pairs of Andean Condors, and the massive birds now have a new place to show off their 10-foot wingspan. The only accredited zoo in North America to exhibit two pairs, the aviary is happily showing off its efforts with the hopes that the new spot is conducive to breeding.

Visiting Condor Court starts at the inside of the aviary, although you can walk along the see-through fence outside and catch a glimpse of the beauties. When The Kid and I visited there was a caretaker near the fence ready to answer questions about the birds and their new habitat.

Learning all about Andean Condors starts right at the entrance as well. Not only is there gorgeous art flanking the walls, there’s loads of facts and figures about Andean Condors and their native homes. Did you know they’ve been spotted from Venezuela to Patagonia?

 Once outside, it’s easy to fall in love with the new area. The new home mimics the rocky ledges that they’d encounter in the wild in Ecuador and they can perch up to 20 feet high.

 Meet Lurch. He’s paired with a sweet female named Precious and loved all the attention he was getting from The Kid and I. With such an endearing face, how could you not fall head over heels with this cutie? He looks great for being 45 years old!

 And this is Lianni. She’s been paired with Handsome who needed a bit of a break from the spotlight the day we visited and spent his time in the indoor cave. 31 year-old Lianni, on the other hand, was very amenable to having her photo taken.

One of my favorite parts of the new Condor Court are the water wheels. Using hand power only, the wheels create a small fountain in each of the pairs’ water feature and they’ve been known to run into the water and splash around while it’s being powered. I think The Kid loved it more than I did.

Although the Court would be awesome with just the two pairs of Andean Condors, it’s also home to a pair of Pygmy Falcons, a Bald Eagle,  and two Cabot’s Tragopan- a pheasant hailing from Southeast China

I’m loving the new, glass-enclosed Condor Court. There’s amazing views at every angle and if you haven’t been to the aviary in a while, maybe it’s time you checked out what’s new. The National Aviary is hosting Night in the Tropics on July 11th- perfect for dancing, drinking, and enjoying its feathered friends and supporting a great cause- the care of the Andean Condors and all of the other flying beauties.

Happy Travels!

Disclosure: I was hosted by National Aviary to give you fine folks the scoop on the new Condor Court. All opinions are my own. 

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