Three Rivers Arts Festival: Creativity on Display

three rivers arts festival
three rivers arts festival
Confluence by Fernando Orellana

Loving art in all of its forms is only one reason to attend the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to the creative annual summer events, there’s live music from popular radio artists, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and visual art displays.

Oh, and then there’s the food. You’ll know you’re close when that appealing mixture of all styles of festival food hits your nose and makes you hungry even though you’ve just eaten.

But, not only is the festival a place to mosey around and check out larger than life displays and scenic views of where the Allegheny & Monongahela Rivers converge to form the Ohio River, it’s also a 10- day shopping mecca from June 5-14, 2015. Local artists, as well as creators from around the country, have booths selling the handmade wares they’ve worked on painstakingly all year. From ceramics to world-renowned photography and handmade plushies, if you’re looking to spruce up your home or apartment with some new art pieces, Three Rivers Arts Festival is the place to check out.

The Kid and I had a chance to visit a few of the stands on opening day and fell in love with so many artists and their work that I had to show a few off.

delishglass| Hot Glass Studio & Gallery

three rivers arts festival glass studio

 These hand blown glass pieces by delishglass traveled from Rochester, NY. With fun titles like “Ocean” and “Rainbow”, they are so delicate and beautiful, yet are perfectly functional for everyday use.  More information can be found at Chelsea and Jeremy Griffith’s website.

Allison Hilton Jones

three rivers arts festival allison hilton jones

 Using the mediums of concrete, metal, and felt, Allison’s jewelry pieces have a completely contradictory look and feel, but yet each of these materials meld beautifully together. Her colorful, wearable art looks great with all clothing trends and styles. More information can be found at Ms. Jones’ website.

Old Town Wind Bells

three rivers arts festival old town windbells

 Each bell is cast individually by Douglas Hain and the wooden details (aka the bell clappers) are used in such a way that the pieces not only have a beautiful tone, but the movement of each piece in the wind is just as pretty. More information can be found on the official Old Town Wind Bells website.

Little River Woodworks

little river woodworks

Trekking out to the forest and collecting burl wood is just the beginning for these gorgeous, polished pieces. The company offers bowls, vases, and wall hangings, and the beauty of each piece belongs in its flaws. More information about these gorgeous pieces can be found on the official website.

Kreepy Doll Factory

three rivers arts festival kreepy doll factory

 Each Kreepy Doll starts with a drawing from the artist Daniel Baxter, who then turns it into a creepy, yet absolutely adorable, hand-sewn doll. His dolls are perfect for kids with a little bit of a twisted side and adults with the same take on life. More information can be found at Mr. Lunk’s official website.

 Michael Bestwick

three rivers arts festival michael bestwick

Combining metal and distressed wood, the artist uses discarded materials to create spectacular works of art and functional furniture. The wear and tear of the materials is definitely part of the appeal of his pieces. More information can be found on the artist’s Facebook page.

Peters’ Studios

three rivers arts festival peters' studios

The same beauty of a porcelain English teacup is the basis for the fascinating artwork of Peters’ Studios. After forming the clay, each piece is given intricate details with a small, sharp knife and then fired in a kiln. The natural white shade of the clay (Tim & Erica also use pigmented clay as well) makes each piece an instant classic and will fit any decor. More information can be found on the official website.

These fabulous vendors are just a few of the creative artists showing and selling their pieces. Kind of makes you want to redecorate, doesn’t it?

Happy travels!

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