Sunrise at Deer Creek State Park Lodge #OHtheSurprises When my family and I travel, I love waking up early to not only watch the sunrise, but capture it on film.

vardenafil 20 mg economico Yesterday morning, compliments of the wild fires in Canada and the resulting smoke from those fires, the sunrise at Deer Creek State Park Lodge was spectacular. This photo is one of my favorite from the trip and I didn’t have to photo shop it or use a filter of any kind to capture the sunrise. Crazy, huh?

see url If you’ve ever visited the lodge, you know how gorgeous the view is any time of day, but mornings are definitely my favorite to witness and photograph. The fish were jumping to catch insects that were skimming the water’s surface, early morning kayakers were already on the lake, and the gorgeous hues of purple were magical.

lasix versus hydrochlorothiazide If you’d like to know more about our adventure at Deer Creek State Park Lodge, stay tuned! I’ll be posting more in the coming week.

cialis soft online pharmacy Happy Travels!

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