So That’s What a Giraffe’s Whiskers Look Like Up Close! #FortWayne

Remember the 1980’s and how trips to the zoo would involve looking at all of the animals from behind a screened enclosure and glass windows?

So much has changed in the zoo world in a couple of decades. Now, instead of merely admiring giraffes from afar, many zoos have interactive areas for their giraffes where you can feed them and even pet their heads if they’re willing.

This is definitely my favorite giraffe pic from our visit to Fort Wayne in early June. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has tons of hand-on experiences, animal encounters, and yes, you can even feed pet a giraffe’s nose. Just as I was focusing my camera on this beauty, she decided to show me her good side- up close!

The Kid and I had a great time on our visit to Fort Wayne and if you’re up for reading more, head on over to Walking on Travels for my trip recap.

This week, Mr. Locke and I will be headed to West Virginia to check out the New River Gorge and I cannot wait to report back.

Happy Travels!

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