Through the Lenses of Pay Binoculars: Lake Erie and Cedar Point #LakeErieLove

I love taking photos of pay binoculars. There’s something so fascinating about looking through them to see why one was placed in that particular spot.

I also have to think about the thousands, or millions even, of kids and adults that have placed their faces next to the binoculars and where they’re from and where they have visited. They almost take on a historical feel because those lenses have seen everything, you know?

This pay binocular’s view is pretty spectacular. I caught this one just waiting for someone to step up and look at the calming view of Lake Erie and the hustle and bustle of Cedar Point. Completely contradictory, I know, but, between the two views, they balance each other out.

This weekend, we’ll be heading beck to Sandusky to check out the renovation of Hotel Breakers (now, there’s a view for you!) and the new roller coaster, Rougarou, at Cedar Point. If you’d like to follow along and see where we are and what we’re doing, my Instagram and Twitter accounts will have all of the latest news and photos.

Where are you headed this weekend?

Happy Travels!

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