Why Are There Six Bronze Stars on the South Carolina State House?

South Carolina State House
 South Carolina State House bronze stars

On a recent visit to Columbia, SC, The Kid and I toured the South Carolina State House. The seat of South Carolina’s legislation, the state house is filled with government officials, locals, lobbyists, and tourists each weekday. One need not know anything about South Carolina law or its officials to enjoy the stunning architecture and rich history of the building. Each week day, free interior guided or self-guided tours are given and we personally enjoyed our guided tour. Why? There’s so much to take in when visiting a building such as this and we would have missed interesting facts and tidbits otherwise.

After a personal tour of the inside, our lovely guide mentioned that we must tour the exterior grounds and look for special markers commemorating poignant historical information. Of all the monuments and markers, my daughter and I really loved looking for the six bronze stars on the building’s that signifies the attack by General Sherman and his army on February 19, 1865. Artillery fire hit the State House six times and either left a mark or actually tore into the facade. Instead of repairing the exterior, the State House added bronze stars to point out the places that were damaged.

Looking for the six stars felt like a scavenger hunt to us and really brought Civil War history to life.

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