This is Why We Walk in Charlotte, North Carolina: “Grande Disco”

"Grande Disco"

“Grande Disco”

We love visiting new cities. Heck, I’d go so far as to say we adore, look forward to, and plan our summer road trips around visits to new big cities. That’s why I like to call my family the king, queen, and princesses of road trips.
Road Trip Royalty, if you will. Ha!
With all of the road tripping that we do each year, as soon as we hit a big city and pull into the hotel parking lot, we generally hand over the keys to the attendant and- walk! It’s so much better for my family to get some exercise and see what the city has to offer via our own legs instead of four wheels whenever possible.
This week The Kid and I are exploring Charlotte, North Carolina. On the way to a Charlotte Knights baseball game at BB&T Park, we happened upon this cool sculpture at Charlotte’s four corners area of town. Would we have seen it from the car windows? Yeah, probably.
But would I have gotten this fun shot f The Kid and one of Charlotte’s famous art pieces, “Grande Disco” by Arnoldo Pomodoro? No way. This piece has been a prominent feature in the heart of Charlotte since 1974, and had we have been inside of our car, there’s no way I would have snapped this at the moment when she was in a silly mood right at that moment.
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