The Tree of Life: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life: Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Tree of Life: Disney's Animal Kingdom

Being the Disney fans that we are, we’ve visited each park at Walt Disney World too many times to count. This past April, however, I made a point to slow down our frazzled park pace and stop to really admire the attention to details that Disney’s Animal Kingdom so willingly offers its guests.

This photo is a close-up of a ram’s head carving and The Tree of Life. Standing over 145 feet tall, the park icon was commemorated to show the circle of life and includes at least 300 animal carvings.

If you ever find yourself in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and really want a close up view of the Tree of Life, a walk along its Discovery Island Trails will definitely be worth your while.

When’s the last time you visited Walt Disney World? Let me know in the comment section below!

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