Panasonic HX- A500 4K POV Camcorder Review: Fun in the Florida Sun at Walt Disney World! #PanasonicAdventure

Going on a Traveling Mom retreat is a blast. Even though it’s packed with so much information it’ll make you happy they provided tablets and pens (note to self: pack a notebook and pen next year), trying out the latest technology from Panasonic is a definite highlight. With all of the #TMOMDisney writers packed into a conference room for a few hours, the patient folks at Panasonic showed us their latest toy- the A500 4K POV Camcorder. It’s light enough to strap to your head right by your eye so you will get a true POV recording. Love that.

The camcorder has 4K recording capability. What’s 4K, you ask? 4K means that its image quality is FOUR TIMES BETTER than full HD resolution. Nice.

What Comes with the Panasonic A500?

 I’m not even going to pretend to be as cool as the guy on the box, for starters. Let’s talk about the box. I love that the bigger and better technology is getting, it’s shipping boxes are getting smaller.

 Here’s the basic unit. Basic is a bad word because there’s nothing basic about the A500 or the way it records. It’s top of the line in my book. The camcorder snaps into the headband and the front strap goes over your forehead for security.

 Two buttons and a toggle switch. Easy peasy. Left button is the power on/off, middle is to record and turn off the record feature, and the right toggle allows you to adjust the record settings.

 A close-up of the camcorder itself.

 The unit also comes with an arm strap for the recording unit. I used this every time I strapped the camera onto my head so it wouldn’t accidentally slip out of my hands and break.

 The unit comes with a cord to upload videos straight into your computer or you can take the micro SD card out of the camera and upload them that way. The card does not come with unit and is a separate expense.

 After unlocking the side panel, there two openings- one for the micro SD card and another for the cord.

 I love this photo for its scale. It shows just how tiny the unit is.

Testing the A500 in Real- Life Situations

After a pep talk from the Panasonic crew, we were off to experience the Walt Disney World parks on our own #PanasonicAdventure! With our cameras strapped to our heads, we were ready to cover the rides and attractions that we all adore. first stop? Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

I really wanted to test the abilities of the A500 on a quirky, jerky ride so Dinosaur was my best bet. Take a look at the video from my front seat view:

As you can see, the recording picked up some great footage considering the ride is basically in the pitch black for most of it. And what I love best about the recording is it took footage of exactly what I was looking at every second as opposed to having a camera in your hand that is showing a straight shot. Could you see a camcorder like this on a toddler? That would be hilarious footage.

Here’s another example of a recording in bright conditions on Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Notice the vibrant color of the grass and how the image isn’t washed out. Oh, and the camera has built-in image stabilization so video footage is smooth and pleasant on the eyes.

The A500 also has an underwater feature. Remember 30 minutes in a depth of 3 meters or less and you’re golden.

Posting Video Footage Straight to Social Networking Service Sites

See this little beauty? Downloading the Panasonic Image App from the App Store let me sync the A500 camcorder to my Apple smart phone or any via the available wifi. This feature allows users to use their phone screen to take video and photos, create photo collages and post immediately to social media platforms. There’s an app for Android lovers, too. 
I’m able to playback the last video I shot and delete unwanted videos or photos from the micro SD card with the NFC function on my smart phone. 
The on-screen camcorder instructions direct you step by step through the set-up process.

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