#FlashbackFriday: First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh

Today is Bat Appreciation Day and since I have no bat (I’ve always found them impossible to photograph) photos you’re going to have to work with me. My next thought was “bats in the belfry”- a phrase my beloved mother used to use to describe someone who’s a little wonky. 
Which brought me to this thought: what is a belfry, exactly? I mean, I’ve heard the phrase all my life and never really gave the definition thought. A belfry is the antiquated word for a church tower that houses bells. 
One of my favorite churches is First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh. Located on Sixth Avenue in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, the first cornerstone was laid in 1903. This photo is, by far, one of my favorite pics that I’ve ever taken. It shows the melding of old Pittsburgh with modern skyscrapers. The Kid and I took a leisurely walk through the streets of Pittsburgh last summer and I fell in love with is old buildings and churches. 
What’s your favorite city landmark to take photos of? Let me know in the comment section below.
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