The Wilds: Feeding Giraffes on the Wildside Tour

Wildside Tour the Wilds giraffes
Wildside Tour the Wilds giraffes

Saying to someone, “I got this close to a giraffe,” and then having a photo to back it up is always fun for me.

The Wilds in Central Ohio is home to three sub- species of giraffe, and in this photo you can see a Masai Giraffe on the right and a Reticulated Giraffe on the left. During our Wildside Tour, our guide pulled the truck right onto a large pasture and the, knowing there were snacks in the vehicle, came right to us. I’m honored to say that one even licked my head!

The Wilds does a fabulous job with its conservation efforts and nature preservation and is the home to nearly 30 species of animals. This year they open May 1st and I encourage you to book a tour and check out the wonders of The Wilds.

Want more information and a thorough review? Head here to read all about it on trekaroo!

Disclosure: I was hosted by The Wilds to give you fine folks the scoop on what makes it so great for families. All opinions are my own!


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