Oven Lovin: Dessert Panini Recipe

Dessert Panini Recipe
Dessert Panini Recipe
Fess up: how many of you jumped on the panini bandwagon and purchased an expensive panini maker, only to have it sit in the cupboard collecting dust? No worries, I’m guilty as well.
In between writing articles, being a mother and wife, and doing household chores, if I have a chance to watch the tele I love watching Food Network. It just so happens that I was watching Pioneer Woman  and she made a fun take on paninis and swapped out the savory with sweet. With only a few ingredients that can be swapped out depending on allergies or preference, dessert paninis are easy and fun to make. AND they give you an excuse to pull the panini maker out of storage. 
We made two styles: Peanut butter, chocolate, banana fluff & strawberry fluff. Both were equally delicious. 

Dessert Panini Ingredients

  • Sourdough Bread
  • 1 banana for every two paninis
  • Nutella or other chocolate hazlenut spread
  • peanut butter
  • Marshmallow Fluff
  • Butter


Dessert Panini Recipe panini maker
First, plug in the panini maker and wait for it to ready itself. Mine has a green light to show proper temperature.
Dessert Panini Recipe bananas
 If you choose to make the banana style, you’ll need one banana for every two paninis.
Dessert Panini Recipe marshmallow fluff nutella
 Have I mentioned I adore Aldi? They had a fun, special buy spread made with dark chocolate and peanut butter. Can’t find it? Go ahead and use Nutella or any other hazelnut spread and peanut butter.
Dessert Panini Recipe bread
 We had a giant loaf of bread, so one slice cut in half per panini worked well.
Dessert Panini Recipe cut in slices

  Cut large slices in half. If you’re using a smaller loaf, you’ll need two slices for each panini.

Dessert Panini Recipe slice bananas
 Slice the bananas pretty thin; I tried to get 1/4 inch slices. I cut mine right in the skin as it tends to not be so slippery and the slices hold each other in.
Dessert Panini Recipe spread marshmallow fluff
 Spread one half with marshmallow fluff.
Dessert Panini Recipe spread nutella
 Spread the other with the hazelnut spread and peanut butter. 
add to bread
 Add the banana slices.
butter both sides
 Put both slices together and butter the top half only. 
grill on panini maker
 Put the buttered half face down on the heated panini maker and then butter the top. 
Dessert Panini Recipe beautiful grill marks
 Close the lid and resist temptation to keep checking for doneness. Ours took about five minutes. 
Dessert Panini Recipe crispy and delicious
 Once both sides are golden and crunchy, use a spatula to remove the dessert paninis. Yep, you’re bound to see some spillage, so don’t worry.
add strawbwerries
 A variation filled with sliced strawberries and marshmallow fluff. 
Dessert Panini Recipe plated
 Ready to eat!

These were so much fun to make and the simplicity factor was way up there. If you make a different variation than what we tried, please let me know in the comments. I’ll give it a shot!

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