Teen Driver Safety with Michelin Tires: Beyond The Driving Test

Teen Driver Safety
Teen Driver Safety

When I asked my 13 year-old daughter what her top five tips for staying safe on the road were, I wasn’t sure what her answers were going to be. We spend a LOT of time road tripping from state to state and country to country, and her responses not only surprised me, but delighted me for the fact that even though she’s in the back seat of our car on most trips, she has been paying attention to those little ear worms that I casually mention when driving. Here are her answers:

  • Pretend your cell phone doesn’t exist when driving– Awesome answer, Kid! 
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times– Again, great answer. 
  • In bad weather, don’t assume your car is Superman- Love this one! Knowing your car’s limits is a good thing.
  • Watch out for animals and other stuff in the road– Minding the road at all times for hazards will definitely help to keep you safe.
  • No drinking and driving– Atta Girl!
These are all great tips, but I was surprised that there was no mention of car maintenance. At all. After all, she’s watched me check our car’s fluids before, during, and after a road trip and she’s spied me checking the pressure in my tires for the correct amount, yet neither of these ended up on her list.This really got me thinking about teen driving statistics and my daughter who will be driving in only a few years. Automobile accidents are the number one killer of teens in the United States and of the 2.2 million car accidents per year among inexperienced drivers, 12 percent can be attributed to tire issues, whether it’s low tire pressure or low tread.

These days, if a teen wants to drive, states require a driver’s training course to warn them of road hazards and give them skills to make them competent drivers on the road. If you have a teen newbie driver or have one that’s still in training classes, ask them if their classes have touched on tire maintenance. The answer will most likely be no, as few teen driver’s training courses add it to their curriculum.

A solution to this problem comes from Michelin Tire and their new campaign, Beyond the Driving Test. Their goals are to raise awareness of tire maintenance and safety by making resources available to teens and their families that will make for easy conversation starters and to have all 50 states include tire safety in their individual driver’s curricula by the year 2020.

The Hard Facts of Teen Vehicle Maintenance

Teen Driver Safety car maintenance
Just giving you the facts, Folks.

Does your teen know how to perform simple car maintenance? If not, maybe a light-hearted conversation is in order.

How to Make Teen Driving Safer with Michelin Tires

By talking with your teen about simple steps and effective ways to keep them safe, having a teen driver on the road will not only make your family safer but will make the road safer for everyone. 

Teen Driver Safety car tips
Two Steps. Once a month. 
Two steps once a month can help all drivers maintain their tires: Check the pressure with a tire gauge and check the tread depth with a penny. 

Glove Box Guide

Teen Driver Safety glove box guide
A great print out to keep in the car.

Michelin Tires is making it a snap to maintain tire safety with a handy printout that can be kept in the glove compartment of each car. Making a note on your calendar to check the Glove Box Guide is an easy way to help your family stay safe. Hey, you might get an eye roll from your teen, but I’d rather have that than an accident. Here’s the print out link.

A Penny for Your Tire Tread Thoughts?

A quick and easy way to check tire tread is with the help of good old Abe Lincoln. If you can see the top of his head when you insert a penny into the deepest looking groove, it’s time to purchase new tires. If Abe’s head sinks into the tread, you’re good to go. 
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