Sunday Snapshots: Chihuly Collection at Franklin Park Conservatory

Chihuly Collection at Franklin Park Conservatory
Chihuly Collection at Franklin Park Conservatory

The Kid has always been a huge fan of art, and at age 13 she can spout off names of famous painters and artists far more than I ever could at her age. Compliments of my love and adoration for art museums, she has been visiting them since she was in a stroller, and now age 13 she begs to be taken back to her favorite art spots, and I happily oblige.

Last winter we had the opportunity to visit Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus and check out the Chihuly Collection that is interspersed with indoor plants, trees, and foliage.

Chihuly’s glass pieces bring life to the botanical exhibits and their vibrant colors can not help but attract the eye. This shot was taken from underneath a glass ceiling filled with Chihuly pieces and with gaping mouths we were able to catch the light just right.

In 2003, The Conservatory was the second botanical garden in the world to host a Dale Chihuly exhibition and was met with such success that most of the pieces were able to be purchased and placed in the permanent collection.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Franklin Park Conservatory, you really should make the effort. Beautiful any time of year, the John F. Wolfe Chihuly Resource Center is a perfect spot to sit back and enjoy video demonstrations of Chihuly creating glass art pieces. It’s The Kid’s favorite spot in the entire conservatory.

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